Brad Holmes

Business Broker, Licensed Real Estate Broker

Serving the Southern Indiana Market

“Having experience on both sides of the table I understand the makings of a perfect collaboration between the different objectives of a buyer and seller. My areas of expertise include startup and operations, business brokerage, business valuation, exit planning strategy, real estate brokerage and management, and 25 years of serial entrepreneurship.”

Brad has over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur in building, managing and selling strong marketable businesses. As a business owner, he brings a unique perspective to the many challenges business owners face: from breaking ground, daily operations, and staff placement to acquisitions and exit strategies.

Brad is currently a Business Broker with Indiana Business Advisors, a well-recognized intermediary firm based out of Indianapolis. As the southern Indiana Advisor, Brad adds his experience and expertise to a firm with over 250 years of combined experience in business brokerage, business valuation, and exit strategy planning. Brad is also a Licensed Real Estate Broker with Millican Realty based out of Bloomington, Indiana.

Brad is currently President of Talkers Tap Room, a craft beer pub in Bloomington. He also owns and manages rental properties through Tyben Investments and Holmes Homes in Bloomington. His list of prior business ownership includes pubs, video stores, a fun center, pizza restaurant, convenience stores / gas stations, and tobacco shops to name a few. As someone who has owned multiple businesses in several industries and sold them, Brad truly does have a good understanding of how to position business sellers to reach their financial and personal exit strategy goals while helping entrepreneurs who want to invest in a business identify the right opportunity that fits their goals.

Brad attended IUPUI and Indiana University the Bloomington campus, where by his third year, he already owned and operated three profitable businesses: two convenience stores and a video store. Brad and his wife Terri live in Bloomington with their two children and are excited to have a next generation Indiana Hoosier attending college at IU. Brad is a member of Bloomington Chamber of Commerce and has an Indiana Real Estate Broker’s license.

Contact Brad:

Phone: 812-778-3000