Larry Battershell

Senior Broker


Larry Battershell has been involved in business opportunity sales with Indiana Business Advisors since 1987. Mr. Battershell has a BS from the University of Illinois and a JD from St. Louis University. During his career, Mr. Battershell has been involved in several hundred successful business sales and has a wide area of expertise and problem solving abilities. He is highly experienced in SBA financing for business acquisitions.

Mr. Battershell has traveled extensively in Asia, Europe, and Central America and uses the experiences acquired everyday in his professional life. Over the years he has acquired a vast network of Buyers, Sellers, financing sources as well as other business contacts that enable him to explore multiple options for his clientele.

Mr. Battershell was recognized in 2002 by Wells Fargo Bank for outstanding individual referral contribution. He has also been named an “Industry Expert” in the 2009 “Business Reference Guide—The Essential to Pricing a Business—19th Edition” published by Business Broker Press.

You can stay current on business news and Central Indiana by visiting Larry’s blog: “Business Sherpa: Guiding You in Buying or Selling a Business”.

Contact Larry:

Phone: 317‐908‐9550