Scott Crepeau

Scott Crepeau, CMSBB
Business Broker

Scott Crepeau Business Broker with Indiana Business AdvisorsAs a business owner himself, Scott Crepeau understands personally what it takes to build and maintain a small business.

Scott’s background in finance and past personal investments have given him a unique ability to analyze and advise in small business transactions. As an entrepreneur and investor in restaurants, alternative energy companies, real estate and other franchises, Scott has knowledge and understanding across a broad spectrum of markets.  His experience is a crucial component in any attempt to manage small business buy side or sell side transactions.

Scott has a strong background in the financial markets, having traded fixed income futures and equity options in Chicago and Germany. More recently, IBA guided Scott in pursuing his entrepreneurial aspirations and connected him with his current venture; ownership in a well-known multi-store franchise business.

With strong management in place in his businesses, Scott decided to join IBA and put his specialized knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to good use. He is eager to start connecting buyers and sellers in the Indiana marketplace!

Scott has an MBA from the Kelley School of Business at IU, and recently was designated a Certified Mainstreet Business Broker (CMSBB).

Contact Scott:

Phone: 317‐218‐8960