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Local Convenience/Grocery Store

New Engagement 


The store is located in the middle of a very well-populated community in Central Indiana. The community is still growing and consequently so are the company’s sales. COVID has boosted the store’s business approximately ten percent for 2020 over the prior year. Most of the store’s customer base consists of loyal local residents supporting a small independent business. The store has been family-owned since the early 70s and at the current location for several decades. The store has always tried to carry what the local community needs and desires. In the early 1980s, the store added a deli, and in the late 1980s, they added freshly-made pizza.

Both of these additions are what still set them apart today. Their deli and fresh pizza’s draw customers from outside the local geographic area. The store has never lost sight of the importance of its grocery sales and because of that their revenue continues to grow. Additionally, they have had a beer and wine license since 1975. The beer and wine sales have continued to grow along with the sales of local and import beers. The store is currently phasing out its hardware stock to make more room for the growing demand for beverages, snacks, and frozen food.

The store has been family-owned for generations. The store was relocated to the local central Indiana area in the 70s. When they moved the store, they bought an existing small grocery store, and in the 80s, they built a new store with gas pumps at the current location. The customer base started to grow immediately. The store was one of the independents that sold large volumes of pop, bread, and milk. It was during this time that the big box stores came into existence, taking advantage of the special wholesale pricing. The customer base over the course of time has chosen the quality and freshness of the deli over the pricing advantages of the big stores. Based on the high service level and quality, the customer base has become very loyal to the family-owned business instead of low prices.

  • Revenue : $2,500,000
  • Cash Flow : $58,000
  • Location : Central Indiana
  • Reason For Sale : The seller is retiring.
  • Listing # : N1953
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