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COVID-19 Resources

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In response to the disruption to businesses from the coronavirus, we want to be able to provide resources to help small business owners during this time. If we can be of a resource, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact IBA with your questions about the impact of this current economic state and […]

What’s Your ‘Nexit’ Strategy?

Categories: Sell Your Business

Over the next 10 years, 10,000-15,000 business owners will be ready for retirement, and may face de-valued stocks, low valuations, and no way to completely exit their business. How are these business owners going to obtain the lifestyle shift they desire, while maintaining financial security? Now introducing; the ‘nexit’ strategy. A nexit strategy is kind […]

Sell Your Business in The New Year

Categories: Sell Your Business

Are you planning on listing your business for sale in 2020? You may be ready to proceed immediately, offering it for sale “as is” and prepared to make price concessions to account for any of its unaddressed weaknesses. Or, you may have decided to delay listing it until you’ve made the necessary improvements to overcome […]

How To Sell Your Business

Categories: Sell Your Business

Your business has provided for your livelihood. It’s created jobs, sales, rev- enue and marketplace visibility. And now you’re ready to move on. Maybe you’re seeking an exit right away. Maybe you’re planning for the future.either way, if you have questions about how to proceed, you’re not alone. Deciding Why, When, and How to sell […]

Evaluating a Business for Sale – What to Ask the Owner

Categories: Buy a Business

One of the most important aspects of evaluating a business for sale is knowing what questions to ask the owner. As part of your preliminary due diligence, you’ve inquired about a number of businesses and created your ‘short list’ of a few top candidates. The next step is to delve deeper and speak directly to […]