How To Sell Your Business

Your business has provided for your livelihood. It’s created jobs, sales, rev-
enue and marketplace visibility. And now you’re ready to move on. Maybe you’re seeking an exit right away. Maybe you’re planning for the future.
either way, if you have questions about how to proceed, you’re not alone. Deciding Why, When, and How to sell your business can be the most important questions you ask yourself as the owner of small business.

There are a few initial questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Is your business ready to sell?
  2. Does your business offer a compelling proposition to a new owner?
  3. How much should you ask?
  4. How do you launch and navigate the selling process?
  5. What’s involved in marketing, negotiating, financing and closing the sale?

At Indiana Business Advisors, we can help with each step of the process. Here are 5 things you can prepare to potentially list your business for sale.

  1. Prepare Your Financial Statements
  2. Estimate How Much Your Business Is Worth
  3. Tidy Up The Place For Potential Buyers
  4. Make Improvements To Increase The Value Of Your Business
  5. Meet With One Of Our Professional Business Brokers.

Selling a business can be an overwhelming task. Yet, preparing ahead will not only give you an opportunity to assess your business and plan your sales strategy, it will also serve as a means to add value to your business and fetch a higher sale price.