Terrence Ploetz, MBA

Terry has over 20 years of financial and banking experience with an expertise in serving the needs of clients from $5 million to $600 million.  Terry has award winning experience from community banks that are privately held all the way to the largest bank in the US.  In his journey, he gained knowledge that perfected methods from which he could deliver an ideal client experience while maintaining a high level of performance.  Terry will tell you it’s his focus networking tactics that helped him manage the risk for his clients while gaining genuine trust for his brand in the marketplace. Today Terry is sharing that method and implementing the same style for the client engagement experience at Lachesis. 

Terry graduated with honors in Psychology at Tempe, Arizona State University and enjoyed his time in the Southwest earning a Masters degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.  Soon after the completion of his education he moved back home to South Bend.  Today Terry is fortunate to be the father of two wonderful children and a loving wife.  

Terry is a Culver Military Academy graduate and received his MBA from University of Phoenix
in Tempe, Arizona. An active member of his community, he serves on the Coaches v. Cancer Board. He resides in South Bend with his wife and children.

Contact Terry:


Ph: 574-242-9017