Crossroads Cigars, Central Indiana (2010) A Match Made at IBA

"It was a really good fit for my plans, there was no store frontage, no employees."

I was extremely surprised. Tim was excellent to deal with... I feel like he worked for me and was never push."

- Joe B., Buyer

In 2007, Sarah Weibert and her husband purchased an absentee‐run business that they felt would be a great entrepreneurial investment opportunity. At the time, IBA Broker Dave Gorman was instrumental in helping them find Crossroads Cigars, a tobacco distribution business. It seemed like the perfect match.

For three years, the Weibert’s successfully ran their distribution business. With the loss of their one employee they decided to try and run it themselves, and soon found that between their own full‐time careers, busy family activities and the distribution business, there was just not enough time in the day.

Through consultation with Dave, they decided the best course of action to ensure the continued success of the business was to sell it to a buyer who could devote the required time and energy. The choice of broker was easy. They knew that IBA, as Indiana’s largest business brokerage, has more access to qualified buyers and exposure to the market. Their previous experience working with Dave had been pleasant and fruitful. It was only natural that they turn to Dave again to sell the business.

IBA Broker Tim Koger was working with a buyer, Joe B., who saw the ad on the internet for the cigar distribution business. Joe was an Operations Manager at a construction firm and was looking for something to do upon retirement. He had been looking for a couple of months when he started talking to Tim about Crossroads Cigars. Joe remarked at the time of closing that “it was a really good fit for my plans, there was no store frontage, no employees.”

Joe has since indicated that he “Tim was excellent to deal with… I feel like he worked for me, and was never pushy.” After meeting the Weiberts, and reviewing the business information, IBA assisted both buyer and sellers in coming to terms on a mutually acceptable deal.

The Weibert’s faith in Indiana Business Advisors and Dave Gorman paid off. The business sold in late 2010 to Joe B. The sellers were able to go back to devoting themselves full‐time to their respective careers and Joe B. entered retirement with “something to do.”

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