Entrepreneurial Success Is Paid Forward at IBA

“We really appreciate Len’s assistance and look forward to continuing our working relationship.”

- Craig Walters, Franchise Entrepreneur

Here at Indiana Business Advisors (IBA), we are all about Entrepreneurial Success. At the end of the day, we get the deal done. Both parties agree to a transaction, and the keys are exchanged. But, it’s all those steps in the middle that determine whether it was a successful transaction. Those are the steps to selling a business
that require patience, endurance and perseverance. That is where IBA shines!

IBA Brokers are often Entrepreneurs who have gone through a business sale transaction themselves. Some are even business owners who have purchased a privately owned business. That gives them a unique understanding of what each step of the process means to the final transaction and to each party involved.

After Len Fulkerson sold his veterinary practice / pharmaceutical distribution business in White County, he bought a Window Genie franchise. He ran his franchise for four years, and then turned around and sold it. Gary Stehle, a Business Broker from IBA, handled that sale and recognized in Len a knack for handling sale transactions. As with most Entrepreneurs, once his business sold Len was looking for the next business venture to pour himself into. IBA approached him to find out if he was interested in representing the firm as their Broker in Lafayette.  Len eagerly accepted and IBA was happy to welcome him to the fold.

Word spread among Len’s acquaintances in Lafayette that he was a Business Broker and he was approached by Craig and Christy Walters to help them find a franchise business for them. According to Craig, “In our endeavors to start or purchase an existing business, Len’s experience was invaluable. Being a business owner himself, he reflected on what he thought would be a good fit for us.”

After exploring several options with Len, they decided to investigate purchasing a Window Genie franchise. Len introduced them to the CEO of WG, and they started the process. Len worked with Craig and WG for several months until Craig and Christy came to the conclusion that they would indeed like to open their own franchise. The process for Craig and Christy “took several weeks and we had a very pleasant experience.” They purchased their franchise and will commence business in Spring of 2015.

Len will continue to work with Craig and Christy over the next few months. As a prior Launch Coach for WG, Len is eager to help them get their franchise off on the right foot. Craig summed up their gratitude to Len for all his hard work. “We really appreciate Len’s assistance and look forward to continuing our working relationship.”

This dedication to Entrepreneurial Success is one common theme among all of IBA’s brokers. The idea that when the dust settles and the deal is done, what you want to see is one satisfied entrepreneur digging in to the run their new business, and another eagerly looking for the next venture feeling that the last had been profitable and well worth it.