Electronics Radio Communications Company

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This electronics radio communications company y is strategically located within 60 to 90 minutes of 4 major cities including Indianapolis IN, Louisville KY, Bloomington, IN, and Cincinnati OH. They are a small family-owned company with a primary focus on radio communications.

Radio Communications Products

This communications company sells and services a variety of products. Two-way land mobile (business band) and citizen band radios are offered. Radios are base, mobile, and handheld in analog and digital formats in numerous frequency bands. Other communications products for sale and install are base and mobile antennas, repeaters, and antenna towers. Additionally, they sell and install car radios, speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofer.

Radio Communications Services

The company provides custom installation work. Installation includes two-way radios and/or stereos in boats, 4-wheeers/side-by-sides, motorcycles, campers, motor homes, ambulances, fire trucks, semis, farm machinery, etc. Also, they process FCC licensing for their customers. Notably, they are the only shop in the area that will install items not purchased from them.


TV, Internet and Security Products

Another aspect of their business revolves around TV, internet, and security. They sell and install for Dish Network and ViaSat Satellite Internet. As a sales-only Rep. for Comcast/Xfinity, they offer TV, home phone, internet, and home security.  They sell and install TV antenna towers. Customers get full service with the installation of TV antennas, rotors, and antenna boosters onto the towers. Business and individuals can purchase camera systems and have them installed, too.


Fleet Vehicle Services

A growing part of the business is fleet vehicle equipment install and removal. Primary installations are back-up cameras and alarms, inverters, taxi meters, and DOT approved emergency lights and sirens. Also available for sale and installation are police scanners, cell phone amplifiers, dash cams, and weather alert.


Customer Loyalty

Their customers are loyal to them because they do good quality work, are knowledgeable about their products and services, and are flexible and honest with their customers. All while offering a competitive price for their goods and services.



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  • Reason For Sale : The seller is retiring.
  • Year Established : N/A
  • Location : Central Indiana
  • Cash Flow : $124,000
  • Revenue : $543,000
  • Listing # : N1934

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