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Over the Edge with United Way

At Indiana Business Advisors, we take helping our community seriously. We build relationships with local and state-wide organizations that promote positive living, education, and support for communities all over the state of Indiana.

Indiana Business Advisors partners with United Way to design, support, and grow systems that accelerate financial stability and upward mobility for individuals and families living in or near poverty and striving for a brighter future. We want Central Indiana to be a community where children, individuals, and families thrive; neighbors care for each other, and we are proud of all our residents’ quality of life.

The Need Is Great

United Way of Central Indiana does many things for our community. They continually strive for the education, financial stability, health, and basic needs of everyone in the community by researching the need in our community, building a stronger human services network, raising money and making community investments, advocating for better public policies, engaging volunteers in their work, and initiating specific programs that help people reach their full potential. United Way connects people, organizations, expertise, and resources to improve people’s lives and create lasting change in our communities. By focusing on education, income, and health — the building blocks of a good life — United Way mobilizes the power of caring to advance the common good.

Happy 45th Anniversary, New Hope of Indiana!

New Hope of Indiana LogoIndiana Business Advisors wishes New Hope of Indiana a Happy 45th Anniversary! We are proud to partner with you in supporting individuals with developmental disabilities.  Here’s to many more years! To learn more about New Hope of Indiana and how you can make an impact, click this link to access New Hope of Indiana.

New Hope 45th Anniversary CostumesNew Hope 45th Anniversary Ceremony

IBA Recognized as “A Company That Cares” for Second Year

A Company That Cares

For the second year in a row, United Way of Central Indiana has recognized Indiana Business Advisors as “A Company That Cares”.

Only organizations that show exceptional commitment to United Way receive this recognition. In order to be considered, certain criteria needs to be met. This includes reaching fundraising and employee participation goals as well as achieving high benchmarks in volunteer community involvement, leadership, giving, and more.

“United Way’s corporate supporters and donors went above and beyond to lead their organizations in creative ways during a year of unprecedented challenge. On behalf of our entire team, we cannot thank them enough for their generous spirit and thoughtful determination to help our community rebound and recover from the pandemic. We are proud to call them champions of United Way and celebrate their contributions toward making our community a place where every person can achieve their full potential.”

Ann Murtlow, President and CEO of United Way of Central Indiana

Please click Award Winners to see the 2021-2022 Top Investors in Community Impact.

 Indiana Business Advisors is a UWCI Breakthrough Company

United Way of Central IN

In their annual celebration, United Way of Central Indiana is recognizing individuals and companies who make an impact in the community.  This year, they named Indiana Business Advisors as one of their Breakthrough Companies.

Breakthrough Companies are those that gave at least $5,000 and had at least a 30%, or a $30,000, increase in giving over the previous year.

Indiana Business Advisors is delighted to be named along with other great companies. Please join us in congratulating them and all the other fine businesses and people who make such a positive impact here in Central Indiana.

Please click United Way Twitter Thread to see the entire news release.

Indiana Business Advisors and Knot Today

Knot Today Awareness

kNoT TODAY strives to bring about a world that cherishes and protects the beauty and innocence of every child.

The sexual abuse and exploitation of children is a topic barely palatable for most, so people choose to ignore it – assuring themselves that, “it doesn’t happen in our society.”

But the truth is in Indiana alone, 40% of victims recovered were under 15 years of age. Additionally, recent data shows those recovered were as young as 4 when first victimized.

Based right here in Indianapolis, kNoT TODAY assists organizations in creating awareness, supporting prevention initiatives, and promoting the restoration of exploited children, integrating outcome-based actions and programs.

How You Can Help

kNoT TODAY engages community leaders, churches, legislators, law enforcement, and complimentary organizations—locally and nationally—in an effort to frustrate the plans of child predators.

Find out how you can Get Involved with Knot Today at this link.

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