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Indiana Business Advisors is a team made up of people from all backgrounds with one common goal: ensuring a successful result for our clients. Our team is made up of previous accountants, attorneys, entrepreneurs, and professionals. As we continue to grow, 2022 was the best year in our history while 2023 is prospectively even better. Now is the best time to join our team.

We are also part of the Sunbelt Business Brokers Network. Sunbelt is not only the largest business brokerage firm in the world but also a dominant force in the industry itself. Our Business Brokers are equipped with top industry training and support.

Looking to expand our team of champions, we are seeking to add more self-motivated associates to function as transaction advisors and brokerage agents to find sellers and buyers of companies and facilitate transactions between them.

Strength through Solidarity

Indiana Business Advisors is committed to offering a positive and supportive environment that celebrates the differences between our clients and employees. We embrace people of all types despite race, sex, creed, religion, national origin, orientation, age, or personal identity. Through our diversity in people and experience, we truly find strength through solidarity.

Current Positions Available for Consideration

Job Overview:

Many business brokers have come to IBA as accountants, attorneys, successful entrepreneurs, and some are even former clients. Buyers of businesses also find the business brokerage attractive because the life of a business broker is similar to business ownership.

Our top producers earn substantial six-figure incomes, and in this economic climate, it is a great time to be a business broker. We provide training and mentoring to ensure that you have the greatest chance of success. There is very little attrition in our practice as this position offers a lifelong career opportunity that offers flexible hours. If you like to help people, are self-motivated, results-driven, an excellent communicator, and a strong leader, this opportunity might be right. Preferred candidates are proven top performers (minimum five years’ experience) in executive-level sales, business ownership and/or business development.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Source and secure engagement agreements with business owners through networking, direct marketing, and various forms of contact.
  • Evaluate a business from a financial and operational perspective to develop an opinion of market value.
  • Once an engagement agreement is executed, brokers will market the business via IBA’s print, digital, and online sources with the assistance of the broker support team.
  • Screen, develop and work with potential business buyers for the firm’s businesses actively marketed for sale.
  • Work with sellers, buyers, bankers, accountants, attorneys, and landlords in the negotiation process and ensure successful transaction completion.

Skill Requirements:

  • Former business owners, sales professionals, or have come from transaction-oriented industries.
  • Possess strong sales, negotiation, management, or finance experience and are known to be persistent and resilient.

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