National Funeral Industry Supply Distributor

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The National Funeral Industry Supply Distributor Corporation was established in 1938. The corporation has become a nationwide company with a customer base of 2,500 and counting. This business is tailored to the funeral industry, where it provides quality stationery products to funeral directors throughout the country. Those products include register books, memorial folders, acknowledgment cards, prayer cards, crucifixes, and custom-designed products.

Some of the key selling points are their quality products and that the company is able to sell them at a low price. This gives the funeral director an opportunity to provide their customers with, not only high-quality products but also to have a higher profit margin. Another key selling component for the corporation is its long-standing delivery of providing extraordinary customer service. The customer knows they’re going to be cared for when they call the company.

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  • Location : Central Indiana
  • Listing # : N1950

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