How to Attract Business Buyers

The question is less of “How can I attract business buyers?” and more, “How can I attract the right business buyers?” Let’s talk about how you can target the most qualified business buyers for your specific business opportunity. 1. Identify Your Potential Business Buyer Pool Most interested parties can be broken down into one [...]

How to Attract Business Buyers2023-04-24T15:17:17-04:00

How Does Seller Financing Work?

There are several options when it comes to financing a business. Seller Financing is when the owner is willing to personally finance a portion of the purchase price. Oftentimes, this increases the likelihood of closing a purchase transaction. While Seller Financing is tempting because of the heightened chance of a faster sale, it is [...]

How Does Seller Financing Work?2023-04-26T10:58:38-04:00
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