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Investment Strategies: Buying a Business to Build Wealth

Investment Strategies: Buying a Business to Build Wealth? Recently, Forbes took a comprehensive look at how many Forbes 400 members founded their own businesses and at what age. The end results were clear: unless you’re planning on inheriting your wealth, it’s best to start or buy a business earlier rather than later. How Do [...]

Investment Strategies: Buying a Business to Build Wealth2023-04-24T15:44:02-04:00

How to Attract Business Buyers

The question is less of “How can I attract business buyers?” and more, “How can I attract the right business buyers?” Let’s talk about how you can target the most qualified business buyers for your specific business opportunity. 1. Identify Your Potential Business Buyer Pool Most interested parties can be broken down into one [...]

How to Attract Business Buyers2023-04-24T15:17:17-04:00

How Does Seller Financing Work?

There are several options when it comes to financing a business. Seller Financing is when the owner is willing to personally finance a portion of the purchase price. Oftentimes, this increases the likelihood of closing a purchase transaction. While Seller Financing is tempting because of the heightened chance of a faster sale, it is [...]

How Does Seller Financing Work?2023-04-26T10:58:38-04:00

Business for Sale: A Pre-Sale Checklist for Selling Your Business

Are you planning on listing your business for sale? You may be ready to sell the business immediately, offering it for sale “as is.” You are likely prepared to make price concessions to account for any of its unaddressed weaknesses. On the other hand, you may have decided to delay listing the business for sale [...]

Business for Sale: A Pre-Sale Checklist for Selling Your Business2023-04-26T10:54:11-04:00

Prepare to Sell Your Business

When is a good time to sell your business? As we enter into the new year, this could be a question you are asking yourself. In the midst of a pandemic and recession, many businesses didn't make it out of 2020. However, there are many businesses that have been thriving that are attracting eager [...]

Prepare to Sell Your Business2023-04-24T14:18:12-04:00

How Long to Sell a Business

If you’re considering whether or not to sell a business, you may be wondering how long the process takes. While the business exit process varies, most owners can anticipate a six- to nine-month process from signing a listing agreement to closing. Some things, however, impact the length of a business sale. In this article, [...]

How Long to Sell a Business2023-04-26T10:48:28-04:00

How to Finance a Business

Before leaping into a new business opportunity, most have the challenge of securing working capital and need to finance a business purchase. Although it’s not an easy task, it’s essential to getting your idea off the ground. It’s also not one to take lightly, as the decision you make will stick with you for [...]

How to Finance a Business2023-04-26T10:37:15-04:00

Types of Prospective Business Buyers

When planning for your transaction, you want to consider the different types of prospective business buyers you’re presented carefully. The buyer pool for most organizations can be very diverse. Plus, different kinds of buyers pose different implications. Follow along to learn the pros and cons of working with different types of prospective business buyers. [...]

Types of Prospective Business Buyers2023-04-26T10:27:25-04:00

How to Scale Your Business

Everyone dreams that they can scale their business to become big and evolve to the next level. Unfortunately, however, not everyone possesses the business savvy to make those dreams reality. If you are unable to scale your business, it will eventually become stagnant or fail. Growing a business requires calculated decisions. Below are some [...]

How to Scale Your Business2023-04-26T10:18:21-04:00

Hiring a Business Broker

Business owners are often surprised to find out just how involved the sales process is. Asking the right questions will help you find an experienced broker who has your best interest in mind. Keep reading to find the top 5 questions to ask when hiring a business broker. 1. Have you had a successful sale [...]

Hiring a Business Broker2023-04-26T10:15:27-04:00
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