Types of Prospective Business Buyers

When planning for your transaction, you want to consider the different types of prospective business buyers you’re presented carefully. The buyer pool for most organizations can be very diverse. Plus, different kinds of buyers pose different implications. Follow along to learn the pros and cons of working with different types of prospective business buyers. [...]

Types of Prospective Business Buyers2023-04-26T10:27:25-04:00

Hiring a Business Broker

Business owners are often surprised to find out just how involved the sales process is. Asking the right questions will help you find an experienced broker who has your best interest in mind. Keep reading to find the top 5 questions to ask when hiring a business broker. 1. Have you had a successful sale [...]

Hiring a Business Broker2023-04-26T10:15:27-04:00

Focus on Your Business Multiple

Focus on Your Business Multiple If you’re spending too much time and effort on increasing your profit, you could find yourself diminishing the overall value of your business. The solution? Focus on driving your business multiple. Driving your business multiple will ultimately help you grow your company value, improve your profit and redeem your [...]

Focus on Your Business Multiple2023-04-14T13:51:32-04:00
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