IBA’s Market Pulse for Q2 2022 – Good Businesses Sell In Any Economy

IBA's Market Pulse Q2 2022 Review By: Edwin Mysogland, CVA, CEPA, CVB, CMEA Managing Partner When asked to put together my thoughts about Indiana Business Advisors' Market Pulse Q2 2022 review, I had to think about the concerns I have heard expressed by so many of our prospective clients and their advisors. This quarter [...]

IBA’s Market Pulse for Q2 2022 – Good Businesses Sell In Any Economy2023-04-25T12:38:50-04:00

Market Pulse Report for Q1 2022 – Ed’s Key Points and Takeaways

The Market Pulse Report, published by the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) and M&A Source, compares conditions for businesses sold on Main Street (values of $0-$2MM) to those sold on the Lower Middle Market (values of $2MM-$50MM). The Q1 2022 survey was conducted April 1-15, 2022 and completed by 360 business brokers and M&A [...]

Market Pulse Report for Q1 2022 – Ed’s Key Points and Takeaways2023-04-25T10:47:28-04:00

Fight Rising Costs by Improving Operating Efficiency

The Hidden Margin Killer - Operating Efficiency We are halfway through the year and experiencing rising costs across the board nationwide. Many businesses are spinning their wheels trying to figure out solutions to the problems before them. While each business is complex and experiences its own unique set of challenges, there is one commonality [...]

Fight Rising Costs by Improving Operating Efficiency2023-04-25T10:39:56-04:00

Indiana Business Advisors Strengthens Resources

Andrew Wahl Joins Indiana Business Advisors Indiana Business Advisors (IBA) is pleased and proud to welcome Andrew Wahl as Business Broker to our firm. Andrew comes to IBA with a solid entrepreneurial background. He started his first business at the age of 16. Today, he is an active senior commercial real estate broker, business [...]

Indiana Business Advisors Strengthens Resources2023-04-24T15:50:21-04:00

How to Attract Business Buyers

The question is less of “How can I attract business buyers?” and more, “How can I attract the right business buyers?” Let’s talk about how you can target the most qualified business buyers for your specific business opportunity. 1. Identify Your Potential Business Buyer Pool Most interested parties can be broken down into one [...]

How to Attract Business Buyers2023-04-24T15:17:17-04:00
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